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Plumas District Hospital strives to provide you and your family with a comprehensive and valuable benefits package. 澳门博彩开户送彩金要确保你能最大限度地享受澳门博彩开户送彩金的福利.

Benefits are offered to Full-time employees working 72-80 hours per 2 week pay period and Part-time employees working 36+ hours per 2 week pay period. 有资格获得保险的家庭成员是合法配偶, 注册国内合伙人, 以及26岁以下的受抚养子女.

下面列出的大多数好处, 比如健康福利计划, must be accepted or declined upon eligibility after the waiting period. The decision to participate may not be changed until the Annual Enrollment Period at the end of the calendar year, 除非你参加了资格赛.


全职员工每年都有带薪休假(PTO)时间. 这个PTO用于节假日,度假,家庭紧急情况等., at the employees’ discretion and with the permission of their supervisor. 兼职员工按每小时的服务按比例计酬. Employees begin accruing PTO immediately upon employment in a benefited status, and may start using accrued hours following a 30-day waiting period (exception for use during holidays).


  • <4.999年. 服务时间= 200小时/年
  • 5-9.999年= 240小时/年
  • 10年以上= 280小时/年


All employees who are anticipated to complete 30 days of employment during the calendar year receive Paid Sick Leave hours beginning with their 30th day of employment. 根据预期的工作安排,有五天是预先安排好的. Hours may be used for employee or family member illness or medical care, or for time off related to needs due to being a victim of domestic violence, 性侵犯或跟踪.


在连续服务30天后可获得受益状态. 澳门博彩开户送彩金提供全面的健康福利(医疗福利) & 药房计划、牙科计划及视力计划).Employees contribute to a portion of the cost, with the Hospital picking up the majority of the cost. Employee contributions are made via bi-weekly payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis. 员工可以为自己和所有符合条件的家庭成员投保. 某些福利可能会被拆分.

PDH PPO和药房计划

免赔额$2,000(家庭$4,000).90% coverage at PDH, 70% at a PPO Network Provider, and 30% at a Non-Network PPO Provider.$20/$35/$50/20%药房课程.


50美元的免赔额,100%的考试费用 & 清洁,80%为标准填料 & 拔牙,牙冠、牙桥等50%.,在参与的Delta供应商处.每年最高津贴$1,500. 正畸(成人和儿童)50%共同保险. 每位患者终身最高可获2000美元.


$20 copay for a WellVision exam and $60 copay for a 联系 exam every 12 months. Frame allowance of $140 every 24 months or 联系 allowance of $130 every 12 months.


Available at the first of the month following one month of continuous service in a benefited status. $20,000基本定期寿险及配套广告&D保险(只适用于雇员).


Depending on your needs, you may want to consider buying supplemental coverage. 自愿人寿保险, you are responsible for paying the full cost of coverage through biweekly payroll deductions. You can purchase coverage for yourself or for your spouse; the minimum coverage level is $20,000美元,最高300美元,000或年薪的5倍(以较低者为准). 你的配偶有资格获得你人寿保险金额的50%. 儿童有资格获得1万美元.


Benefitted Full-time employees can purchase Voluntary Long-term Disability insurance provided by Lincoln Financial Group. Long-term disability is intended to protect your income for a long duration after you have depleted any state provided short-term disability or any sick leave.


Available after 30 days of continuous service in a benefit-eligible status. These employees are eligible to participate in the Flexible Spending Account program for healthcare expenses or qualified daycare reimbursement. 通过税前工资扣除, employees may utilize this plan to set aside money for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, 赡养人员费用, 或两个.


员工可以随时开始、停止和更改供款. Plumas District Hospital will contribute 3% of gross wages to a retirement plan for employees beginning the first full pay period after working for one year in a benefit-eligible status.


以受保人身份连续工作满30天, 雇员及其配偶, 注册国内合伙人, and/or dependents will have any deductibles and coinsurance incurred for services received at Plumas District Hospital waived. You must also have qualified insurance either through PDH or another plan, be obtaining a service which is otherwise covered by your insurance and which is medically necessary.


学费报销计划: 合格的员工, 和澳门博彩开户送彩金在一起一年后, can receive up to $400/semester reimbursement based on passing grades and proof of expenses incurred.

LVN到RN升级程序为了进一步发展你的护理事业, Plumas District Hospital will support qualified LVN's by accommodating changes your employment status, guaranteeing a full-time RN position after completion of courses and receiving licensure, 总共支付了5美元,拿到护理学位要花400美元.

持续进修日 (After 1 year with Us as a Full time or Part time benefited employee): Continuing Education credits are provided through the form of five full paid days every two years for full-time staff and two days every two years for part-time staff. 澳门博彩开户送彩金还为员工提供心肺复苏术和ACLS更新课程.


Are you a healthcare professional seeking relief from student loan debt? There are several student loan forgiveness programs available that may qualify you for assistance. 虽然这个列表并不详尽, 澳门博彩开户送彩金建议浏览以下网站以获取更多信息:

Plumas District Hospital is eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program as a local government entity (due to being a district hospital). 然而,资格标准可能因项目而异. We encourage our candidates and current staff to explore the available options online.


  • Bereavement / Jury Duty Leaves (paid with certain limits and eligibility based on a waiting period and employment status)
  • Shift differentials paid for certain work shifts, including Holiday pay
  • 折扣会员与塞拉保护/飞行护理
  • 健身房会员折扣,手机服务折扣&T或Verizon),以及折扣的本地丙烷服务. 
  • 继续教育——带薪工作日
  • 出色的团队精神和氛围


  • 服务年资年度表彰活动
  • 节日庆祝活动
  • 医院周庆祝活动
  • DAISY奖励计划
了解更多信息, please contact the Human Resources Department at (530) 283-7169 or (530) 283-7120, 或nclawson@planetworking.net.

This Summary page is not intended to supersede any Plan Documents or Plan Summaries, nor is it a guarantee of eligibility or a promise of payments to be made under any of the Benefit Plans. Please contact Human Resources to request current documentation regarding available benefits.





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